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 Quickbooks online

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Other Costs are covered too

Align your new accounting system with your business goals fast. The cost of the following below are also covered by the PSG Grant:

Software Set-up

Get professionals to set up your Quickbooks Account quickly so you can start realising your business potential

Workflow Customisation

Understanding your current workflow to integrate digital accounting systems seamlessly

Data Migration

Port over all your financial data, and your customer & supplier data for a smooth transition to QuickBooks

Customisation of Invoices

Customise look and feel of invoices including input of QR code and other unique invoice elements

Training for Your Team

Let us guide you and your team through the learning process so that you can get started quickly


We are able to assist with the integration of external applications to ensure seamless accounting

Work (less) hard for your business

QuickBooks’ Accounting automation will handle manual tasks for you. Explore some of the features of QuickBooks:


Manage Sales Seamlessly

No more paper invoices. Manage your invoices seamlessly on the cloud anytime, anywhere. Know instantly which invoices have been paid and which have not. Analyse your payment cycles and make better business decisions.
  • Integration with e-invoicing

  • AR Aging and Reporting

  • Classify and analyse revenue


No More Tedious Reconciliations

Reconcile your bank accounts with the help of QuickBooks. Automatically match transactions that have already been recorded with QuickBooks matching and Bank Rules. Classify bank statement lines that have not been accounted for. Ensure completeness of bank account reconciliation.
  • Manage multi-currency bank accounts

  • Create rules to classify repeated expenses

  • Automatically generate bank reconciliation report

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Integrate with leading applications

Gain control over one dashboard. Data flows automatically into your books, and you can review everything in one place.

  • Update inventory levels into Shopify through QuickBooks

  • Use OCR to capture invoices through HubDoc

  • Quickbooks integrates with 650 popular business apps, from WooCommerce, MailChimp, eBay, Stripe, Talenox and more.

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